Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Hooky

I’m feeling like I’m playing hooky. At least I think I am. Never having played hooky. This is probably a lot more comfortable. Curled up in lush hotel bed in delicious hotel robe in the soft and ambient light of the tastefully arranged lamps. Drowsy and content.
But of course missing the Poppet and the Sprocket who are with their ever-loving nana and pa.
Feel like I’m playing at being a big person. Out on the loose without little hands clinging to my legs.
The poppets first night away from me. And my first night away from her. Such a strange feeling.
Wake in the night feeling full and tight and sore and no searching little mouth to start guzzling the milk.
Instead have to go and have a bath and express a bottle. Which I had not realized is a very laborious and not particularly comfortable thing to do, even while luxuriating in a delectably hot bath in a marble bathroom…
Have I mentioned how much I really, really. really love hotels?
Thank you Ingrid and Ron for looking after the Poppet and Sprocket. (And Bec!)
Thank you Kate and Ben for being fun and entertaining companions!
Thank you Ian and Lucy for deciding to get married and have this lovely pre-wedding big smoke get together!

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