Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Unknown Gossamer

The rains brought a few days coolness to our region, allowing walks during the daylight hours. Plants bristled with joy with the rain. I took the opportunity to play with my mum's camera with it's macro-lens. 

This plant - which grows in abundance along the road near us - was a delight to photograph. The soft gossamer seeds, the spiky case, the way the wind pulls at the light seeds. I've taken photos of the plant before, but have been unable to get the sharp definition of the seeds. 

There is a strong satisfaction in finally capturing what the eye sees - and then some. I've found that as I upload the photos to my computer details turn up that I never noticed at the time. Sometimes it will be a trailing spider web - sometimes a lady bug or other small beastsie.

I don't know what this plant is - whether it's introduced or indigenous (I need to do an extensive google - my ignorance is preying on me). I know that it is found in abundance along the roadside near us - particularly along the part where there is a low-lying area that turns to a swamp and marsh with the infrequent rain. 

I love the story seen in one image. Softness, lightness, the promise of new beginnings, all protected in the spiky case, before the wind blows the seeds away, to find a place to come to ground, settle roots, sprout, and burgeon into new life. 

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