Thursday, July 9, 2020

Into the forest

We have been hibernating for most of the year, staying inside as first one cough and then isolation, and then a series of other coughs have kept us housebound. The small moments of sunrise, sunset, and the amazing stars in our remote town have been short moments amidst long stretches on the Inside.
We are starting to venture Outside. And recently the younger girls and I got to wander through temperate forest, the girls running, climbing, exploring, while I followed more slowly, savouring and capturing.
The light is soft, dappled, water-logged. My slightly out-of-focus photos as I adjust to the shifting light look like water colours.
And I am reminded again, that this is where my children belong, Outside, in the wild.
Another cold has caught us up, or the re-emergence of a previous one (my beloved has now been tested twice for Cov-id - both negative, but these colds are persistent) so we've had some more days inside while we've rested and tried to shake it. I've looked over the photos and sighed at the gently dappled green, the slants of gold, and how my girls look as if they run through a fairytale.

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