Saturday, April 22, 2017


There are moments that stay with you - walking into green, unsettled waters with my mama and my older daughters, the sky grey above, while Beloved waits on the shore with the baby. My daughters' shrieks of glee as we jump the waves.


During the holidays we made an all too quick trip down to Victoria and then an even quicker trip down to the beach I think of as home, for my littlest ones Christening.

The stay was so-so short, and I'm still recovering from the travel - four kids, one of them special needs, one a cheeky monkey and one a baby, by myself, on the plain? Deep breath. But it means so much to see my children playing on the stretch of beach I love so much, in the house full of so many memories, bringing back echoes of when it was my brothers and I coming back shivering but exhilarated from our swims, collecting kindling and playing in front of the open fire.

Moments - a dawn walk with my reluctant and now arthritic dog; the kids all playing in the pools on the point; rising in the early morning to look for easter eggs (luckily the easter bunny came around at 3am, suspecting early risers).

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