Tuesday, February 9, 2016

mangroves & fishing

Some days, you just need to grab a fishing rod and walk barefoot along the beach.
The breeze, the sand underfoot, the gentle lap of the water, and things take a different perspective. Everything's that bit easier, when you take a little peace away from time by sea.

*please note the fish. Beloved was very proud. I had visions of a fry up with butter, but we threw him back.
*um, the colour co-ordination was not on purpose. It's just my favourite colour.


  1. I too feel the big 4-0 getting closer. I stopped watching the news last year because I just could not handle the negativity. And my youngest boy, not quite 3, had a label put to him last year. We are still getting our head around what it means for him now & in his future. Just moments ago I was almost in tears because it seems like such a huge scary thing that he, & us, have to work through.
    So from one side of the country to the other I send you love & hugs & understanding xx

    Oh, & the fish photo made me smile :)

  2. Hello Kirsty,
    At first you and your baby is very nice. Specially the baby is too cute. The picture you added is very nice. I think you enjoy the place and fishing. Thank you for your nice sharing