Friday, October 10, 2014

Magic Remembered

We went down to the sea in the holidays, my parents coming with us for five slow and lovely days.

With limited internet, and a promise to Beloved to try to keep the camera from harm and not take it near the sand, the world seemed more immediate, the days lazy and gentle.

The sky was blue and the kids stopped wearing their shoes on the first day - it took me three days to start leaving my flip-flops at the house and walk bare-foot along the orange clay roads and pathways.

My memories are of my little ones playing on the shoreline in sun-glitter and blue-water and gold-sand.

My photos are mainly from one walk on a cool grey morning - we hadn't meant to go down to the beach, but the sea draws us all closer. Poppet wore her 'Princess' dress, and walked like a fairytale along all the much-loved pathways of my childhood.


  1. Such beautiful photos Kirsty and the colours of pink against the dark green bushland - stunning.

  2. these photos are just amazing. magical fairytales indeed! x