Friday, October 28, 2011

Further Adventures of Bug-Boy

"I a bug, mummy!" 

The Sprocket is doing a very good job of climbing the bedroom wall.

"I can see that, darling. You're a lovely bug. But can you please get off mummy's shoulder. You've only got one mummy, and you need to look after her." 

(Oouf! No, not onto mummy's tummy!)

             *      *         *           *

"I a bug, mummy!" 

The Sprocket walks in a circle on his hands and his feet with his backside stuck up in the air. 

"I know, hon. But what about if you're a bug inside the shopping centre. The cars can't see little bugs and they might squash a little bug flat." The car-park is busy, most spaces are full. 
"I a bug, mummy!" he responds indignantly, doing another circle while I keep a wary eye out for cars. 

         *           *            *             *

"Pee-peed go home, mummy," my Sprocket says with satisfaction as we play in the playroom. 
"Oh sweetheart, that's great. I'm so glad you put him back. Millipedes are much happier outside in the garden. They like it where it's cool and dark and there are rocks for them to hide under." 

He looks at me as if I'm very slow. He might have a point. 

"Pee-peed go home," he says. 

"I know-" I begin. 

And then I notice the proximity of the dolls house. 

And then I see the millipede scurrying around inside the dolls house, looking very out of place and bug-like on the pink plastic.  
"Pee-peed home," my Sprocket repeats happily. 

I see. 

        *               *               *               *

"Ghee's a grasshopper!" the Sprocket lunges towards us slowly, with his arms stretched out in claw shapes. 

"Grasshopper - grrrr!" 

We watched A Bugs Life a few times when we all had the flu. The grasshoppers are the naughty insects that try to steal all the ants food. 

"Oh no! The grasshoppers coming!" I shriek. 

My Sprocket tries not to giggle as he pounces. 

"Oh no! The grasshopper! The grasshopper's got me!" 

I think my foot has just been eaten by a grasshopper. And here was I thinking they were vegetarians! 

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  1. This was fun to read - my goodness, you are a great writer! And what special memories you have recorded here x