Thursday, May 5, 2011

Princess Poppet

Princess Poppet, you're 9 months old today, which means that you've now been on the outside as long as you were cooking on the inside. 
You seem to enjoy it. 
You have many grins and many giggles, cheeky, adoring, sweet, reflective, amazed and awed.
You love crawling and pulling yourself up to standing. If we hold your hands you take little tottering steps. You think blowing raspberries is the cleverest thing in the world. Clapping is good, but blowing raspberries is way better. You think your big brother is amazing. You have learnt to be a little wary, but in general you believe he is very entertaining. The two of you sit blowing raspberries at each other or clapping or just giggling. You've had to become a tough little Poppet though, as he has a habit of rolling on top of you or giving you a push when you're sitting up. 
You love you bath and having your neck tickled. Many things make you giggle and smile. We have to stop you from pulling the puppies tail. Also from eating everything. You love apples and cinnamon, pumpkin, porridge (with apples from our tree and cinnamon in it!) You have just started eating pasta and slurp up fettucine.
World events recently? The royal wedding of the century - Princess William and Catherine Middleton - very elegant and they seemed very happy - and the death of Osama Bin Laden. 
You love books with mirrors and things that you can touch. You hate wearing hats. You pull them off with scorn, despite how adorable they look. 
Right now you are lying in my lap feeding, while the laptop rests on my knees. You're little eyes are nearly closed, your breathing is deep. 
You are so much yourself now, my little Poppet, and yet so much still the tiny little baby who slept and fed and fed and slept who came into the world nine moons ago.

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