Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Momentous Moments

The Sprocket and Poppet are growing so quickly it seems that I blink and they are bigger, faster and toothier. The Poppet has just reached eight months and spends each day in a delight of giggles and flirtations with random strangers who stop to admire her. She is busy exploring the world - what does it feel like? can she eat it? hmmm, over here is good stuff. To my great joy she is still calling for mama if I go out of sight and then she comes looking for me and her many sweet ways overwhelm my heart. 
The Sprocket is... very Sprocketlike. 
Today's great happening is that it is official.
The Sprocket has started reading Big Boy Books - that are not about trucks. 
When he was a baby I was all smug about his interest in the stories that I read him. And then he learnt to crawl and walk and his interest rapidly diminished. And I was all un-smug and worried and perplexed. Slowly, slowly, we started back into the books using pop-up books and touch and feel books and books that made noises and most particularly books about trucks (particularly pop-up, touchy-feely, noise making books about trucks) but now it's really happened. 
The Sprocket is bringing me books to read to him that are not (be still my beating heart!) about trucks. 
Today we read How do Dinosaurs eat their Food about oh - ten or eleven times and Walking in the Seasons in Kakadu (which to be truthful I hadn't imagined him being interested in until he at least started school, but I think he likes the snakes and crocodiles and children) another ten or so times also. 
My little toddler is beginning to grow into a big boy, to think, to imagine, to create, dream, pretend. 
O my own little one,I love seeing you grow, your mind expand, your imagination take flight, but don't grow too fast, the here and now is very sweet.

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