Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Cakes - We have a Winner!

In a hurry at the library, with the Sprocket leaping from the furniture and tantrums imminent, I grabbed books at random from the board books table and struck a winner. 
Baby Cakes by Karma Wilson is a book that both the Sprocket and the Poppet adore and listen to with grins, giggles and, in the case of the Poppet, appreciative squeals.
Of the board books I've read to the wee ones (quite a few!) this one is in the running for the coveted number one position. It's interactive, it rhymes, it's sweet and number one criteria - the kids love it and I love reading it to them!
Like a nursery rhyme, (I think it might have been based on Pat-a-Cakes)  every page has an action - kissing noses, nibbling toes, tickling  and the words are easy to remember and use as a rhyme even without the book. 
I didn't go 'oooo' at the illustrations but they're sweet and well matched to the words (different children with their teddy bears.)
Love love love this book for curling up in bed and having two arms full of happy, giggling kidlets. 
Verdict? Most definitely a keeper and I can foresee that we will go through many copies - and that's even after the Poppet stops trying to eat everything! 
Nostalgia factor? Yep, I'll never be able to see this book without remembering my little ones as they are now. Sigh. 


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