My Books

Kingdoms of the Seventh Pool (Holy Angels Publishing, 1998)

Felicity - unhappy at school, draws the perfect world. 
The Boy in White - unhappy with his guardians on a remote planet, calls on space spirits to make Felicity's drawings become a reality. 
Luke - unhappy with life in general, finds one of Felicity's sketch books and decides to add some more 'interesting' drawings - evil magicians, bandits, savage warriors. 
These come true too. 
Felicity, Luke and The Boy in White have to work together to bring harmony back to the Kingdoms of the Seventh Pool. And maybe find some happiness along the way. 

Kingdoms of the Seventh Pool was written a long time ago, when I was still at high school. Not that happy at school, could you guess? 
It was published shortly after that by a small, now extinct, publisher called Holy Angels. 
This was very, very exciting. 
It's one of those books that just sort of vanished into the ether, but man I had a blast writing it! 
(*I hated the cover, but hey, I was just happy to be published!)

Lumi's War (Holy Angels Publishing, 2000) 
Again, one of those books that disappeared from the bookshops not many years after publication, but I still love it. It is also the only one of my books that was inspired by a dream*, so I have a particular fondness for it on that account as well.

(*The dream: it is night and a young girl and a teenage boy are duelling in a wooden fort on a snow covered mountain.The boy - who has broken into the fort - has come to try to steal some magical silk paintings, and the girl is trying to prevent him.)

When the Kingdoms of the Seventh Pool are corrupted, one of the most evil new characters to walk its lands is the Rinn of Lorta. With the last of her power, the Great Creator, Felicity, sends her young cousin  into the war-torn kingdoms to try to find a way to defeat the terrifying magician.